Frequently Asked Questions:

1.  What are BODNER LAW PLLC’s core principals?

Legal excellence, results and value.

2.  What makes BODNER LAW PLLC’s fee and cost structure unique?

BODNER LAW PLLC offers extremely competitive hourly rates, as well as fixed monthly retainers, flat fee arrangements and hybrid contingency fee structures where appropriate.

3.  How responsive is BODNER LAW PLLC to its clients?

BODNER LAW PLLC prides itself on client responsiveness. Whether to assist a business with a time sensitive matter or alleviate an individual’s personal concerns, BODNER LAW PLLC will always promptly respond to its clients by email or phone.

4.  Why should I choose BODNER LAW PLLC?

Polished legal product, experience, reputation, personalized attention and value. You and your business deserve nothing less.

BODNER LAW PLLC welcomes your additional questions.  Please contact us by email or phone, and we look forward to speaking with you.